The Flying Luttenbachers - Retrospektiw 3 - NON-LP tracks 1991-1995 - UGExplode9/ Quinnah 10 CD


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Flying Luttenbachers Non-LP Tracks 1991-1995
This compact disc collects non-LP Flying Luttenbachers tracks recorded between 1991 and 1995 including the contents of the long out-of-print "546" and "1389 Seconds Of Noise" EPs (remastered for superior sound quality), various compilation cuts, and 3 previously unreleased tracks. 16 tracks total time = 52:00

- 1 recorded December 1991 at a rehearsal room at Columbia College, Chicago. Previously unreleased.
- 2-4 recorded on July 9, 1992 at Southend Musicworks, Chicago. Originally released as the "546 Seconds Of Noise" 7" EP (Quinnah) in 1992.
- 5 recorded on August 4, 1992 at WNUR, Chicago. Previously unreleased.
- 6-8 recorded on February 20, 1993 at Attica Studios. Originally released as the "1389 Seconds Of Noise" 7" EP (Quinnah) in 1993.
- 9-11 recorded on December 3, 1993 at the Czar Bar, Chicago. 9 is previously unreleased. 10 originally released on "Experience the NOW sound Of Chicago's HOT Wicker Park" comp. CD (TPG). 11 originally released on "In-Bulb-O-Phonic" comp. CD (Bulb).
- 12-13 recorded in October 1994. 12 originally released on "Hunter's Safety" comp. 7" EP (Coat-Tail). 13 originally released on split 7" w/ No Safety (Coat-Tail).
- 14 recorded in December, 1994. Originally released on "Sixty Second Compilation" comp. 7" EP (Coat-Tail). The piercing high-end electronic on this song was suppressed during the transfer to vinyl for the original release but is restored here the way it should sound.
- 15 recorded on May 30, 1995 at Hot House, Chicago. Originally released on "Chicken Bomb" comp. CD (Boring Theoretical Productions). This song is taken from the first live concert by the "Revenge"-era trio.
- 16 recorded in August 1995. Originally released on "The Miracle Of Levitation" comp. CD (Gentle Giant). This song was mastered for loudest possible volume but the producers of the compilation lowered the volume. Here it has been restored.

This album is devoted to Christian Vander, Iannis Xenakis, Ornette Coleman, James Chance, Anton LeVay, Doc Savage, et al.