Makanda Ken McIntyre - Peace Thru Jazz - By Derek Styles


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Makanda Ken McIntyre - Peace Thru Jazz - A Bio-Discography of the Multi-Instrumentalist Composer & Educator

The story of Ken McIntyre is not just the biography/autobiography/discography of one of the important improvisers of the 1950s to 1960s Bop-post Bop transition.  In its subtext it is the story of the joys, passions, frustrations, and roadblocks of the creative improvising artist in the United States.

A candid look at the "Jazz business" through first-person accounts of McIntyre and other individuals on the scene, this biography amounts to a frank deposition of what went on between the artist and his production, and the businessmen, focused on commerce.  Unfortunately what was true in the 20th century remains all too relevant in the 21st century.

ISBN: 9781881993452