Jewel Box Begone CD Sleeves - Size B - 50 count

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Jewel Box Begone CD Sleeves | Size A | 50 count.

Picture shows both A and B sizes. This item is for the B size.

CD owners, free yourselves of the soulless inflexibility of one of the industry's most stupid, useless, space-wasting, impractical containers, the jewel box.

Our practical, soulful, heavy (5 mil.) clear sleeve, turns each CD into a warm, inviting mini LP, with a duofold cover, and frees up approximately 75% of your shelf space.

5 CDs in Jewel boxes take up about as much room as 20 CDs in our sleeves.

2 Sizes:

Size A: The original, Jewel Box Begone A, approximately 5.125" tall by 10.625" unfolded, holds standard CD, booklet and tray card. Will accomodate 2 CD sets.

Size B: The relaxed fit, Jewel Box Begone B, approximately 5.5" tall by 11" unfolded, plenty of room for standard CDs, will also hold CD softpacks, digi packs, and cardboard sleeves.

Directions for use:
• 1. Open the sleevewith the center opening facing up and, if discernable, the shorter side to the right.
• 2. Slide the CD tray card, with the type facing away from you and its right side edge folded on the perforation, into the right side of the sleeve. Tuck any remainder under the left side of the sleeve opening.
• 3. Slide the CD booklet into the left side of the sleeve, with its cover facing away from you.
• 4. Slide the CD into the right side of the sleeve so it's on the inside of the traycard.
• 5. Close the sleeve by folding it along the tray card's other perforated edge.
• 6. You should have a symmetrically folded sleeve that shows the booklet in front (bracketed by the spines) and the tray card in back.