ASC Wall Panels Room Treatments. 8 panels/box. New. Quartz.


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ASC Wall Panels Room Treatments. 8 panels/box. New. Quartz

ASC Sound Panels - Set of 8 - (Acoustic Sciences Corporation) Room Treatment. Panel dimensions: 8" by 48" by 2".

The ASC Sound Panel is completely finished on all sides, including the back. It is lightweight and easily mounts vertically or horizontally to walls, working to often sharp sounds in the vocal range that otherwise reflect off of walls with over damping on voices. The SoundPanel is useful in a wide a variety of application areas from recording studios and audiophile listening rooms to office interiors, restaurants and even classrooms.

The Sound Panel calms excessive room reflections by acting as a "speed bump for sound." This in turn helps to open up the sound stage and sharpens imaging without over-absorbing. The Panel also provides considerable soft diffusion with a reflecting strip that comes into play above 400Hz. The shape of the Panel, with it's distinctive bevel and vinyl frame, also helps to scatter concentrated sound waves in key parts of the listening room. Typically, the Panel Array is installed symmetrically centered on each side wall, in line with the listening position. Additional Panels are often installed on the front wall behind the speakers.

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