Death Of A Bebop Wife - By Grange (Lady Haig) Rutan


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Death Of A Bebop Wife - By Grange (Lady Haig) Rutan

This is the compelling life story of pianist Al Haig, one of the Jazz greats in the vanguard of the Bebop revolution.

Over 15 years in the making, this is the uncomfortable and often horrifying story of a Jazz life as researched and told by a wife who survived an experience that left many devastated and, in one case, dead.  In a narrative as unique as the subject itself, Grange (Haig) Rutan of Montclair, NJ, boldly tells all in a cathartic account of Al Haig's life that is as unflinching as it is objective, leaving the reader able to experience from an omnipresent vantage point the humor, triumphs, tragedies, and the many sides and contradictions of Al Haig.

ISBN: 1881993426